10 ml
Actual size is
7/8” X 3 ½”

USD $40


This is your introductory size of my newest fragrance that is spectacularly beautiful for romantic evenings on a hot summer day. It smells as fresh and sweet as newly mown grass after a summer rain blended with lilac and delicate flowers from your garden. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

The 10 ml purse size atomizer comes in a lovely silver aluminum tube scattered with golden hearts and enables you to try out my new fragrance.. It comes in its own black velvet pouch together with a tiny funnel making it easy to decant any fragrance into the glass bottle enclosed inside the metal tube.


Top notes flutter with crisp cucumber water, spring rain showers, and fresh green grass~

A romantic heart is filled with soft lilac, delicate peony petals, violet whispers, and garden muguet~

Kissed by gentle background notes of white woods and sheer musk~

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